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Trailblazers Wanted

March 8, 2012

goalgetter is an innovative ‘goal-based learning system’ designed to help people put their learning into pragoalgetterctice, improving their performance by completing goals. It can be accessed from computer, tablet or smartphone and allows users to connect socially to other people attempting the same goal.

It includes a mini 360-degree training needs analysis tool so users can identify their areas for development and track their progress, a library of resources which are user rated, real-world activities for people to complete, and supporting material delivered as text, images and video. It can be used as a standalone system, as part of a blend with instructor-led workshops, or to support a library of material on a learning management system.

We’re looking for a select number of ‘trailblazers’ – people who will be early adopters, to help us refine the goalgetter system. Essentially over the coming weeks we’ll implement new functionality, gather your feedback, make changes and continually improve the system.

What we want from you

  • Your honest feedback on what you like and don’t like about the system
  • Your response to one short questionnaire per week
  • Your patience as we try out new functionality and hear what you think of it

What we’ll give you in return

  • Six months free use of the system
  • A discount on using it after that
  • The chance to contribute to something that we think could be revolutionary

Who should apply?

We think goalgetter will be particularly useful for:

  • Organisations looking to improve their peoples’ performance and measure the impact
  • Training providers looking for an innovative, effective way to deliver their material online

If you would like to be a trailblazer please complete this online form and we’ll get back to you.

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