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Smart Art: Using Technology to Bring Art to the Masses

November 10, 2011

We’ve been involved in this great little project recently with Tunbridge Wells Museum and Art Gallery. Their aim is to get Public art House Logoart and exhibits out into the community to reach people who wouldn’t normally experience them. The venues they chose were two historic pubs in Tunbridge Wells; The Opera House – a magnificent (you’ve guessed it) ex-opera house and one of the most stunning pubs I’ve ever frequented, and The Duke of York – where the carousing Duke allegedly met one of his lovers for (ahem) liaisons.

Two artists were selected; Jane Pitt who works with recorded audio and Shelley Goldsmith who works with textiles. Our job was to digitally interpret the artists’ work and extend it onto the internet. We created an online jamming app where you can compose music using Jane’s samples For Shelley’s installation we extended the story of the Duke and his lover onto the internet using twitter. It will unfold with the hashtag #doylovers.

Any project that combines art, pubs and technology is alright by me.

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